We love Children, even have a few ourselves, however, we ask that you make child care arrangements and not bring your child to the salon with you as other Clients look forward to some ‘pamper’ time to relax and enjoy their treatment within our Salon.

Even the best behaved children are subject to elements of danger such as chemicals, hot wax pots and scissors.

With this we also ask that no buggies or prams are brought into the Salon, we are a very small salon and our recent refurbishment has taken some damage at our door way with buggies and prams coming into the Salon.

Please respect this policy and accept our appreciation for your understanding.


Everyone is different as are their hair growth patterns, generally is best to time your waxing treatments every 4-6 weeks. This promotes healthy hair growth that enables the hair to grow back finer and thinner as the hair follicle has far less grip on the hair.

It’s not recommended to have waxing treatments sooner than this timeline as the results will be not be as successful due to the hair being too short to grip and provide professional results.

If you have been shaving or using hair removal creams, allow at least 4 weeks of hair growth before making an appointment in our Salon.


We have many calls in regards to waxing pregnant ladies.  We are very happy to wax our expectant mothers to be after the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, purely as a precaution. However, we must advise that your wax treatments can feel more painful and tender due to increased blood flow and fluid retention during pregnancy. We are highly skilled in waxing pregnant clients and will make you feel as comfortable as we possibly can.


Our new and improved online booking system allows you to easily book your appointment by simply selecting the service and choosing from the options below.

You will receive email notification confirming your appointment, please ensure you check the details for the treatment booked, as our treatments require 24hrs notice of cancellation. Should you fail to show or give us 24 hours notice of any cancellation or changes you would be charged half of the treatment cost our pay a deposit before booking any further treatments.

If you have any questions on services or treatments we provide, or if you’d prefer to call and book your appointment contact us on – 0141 237 1778 or email us at –