Female Intimate Waxing

For those that’s never had an intimate waxing treatment it can be a daunting thought! Intimate waxing is one of our most popular treatments, in any one month we preform over 100 intimate wax treatments ranging from Bikini and Extended Bikini waxing to Brazilian and Hollywood wax treatments.


Does Intimate Waxing Hurt?Perron Rigot - Premium Waxing Products

Each person is different as is a persons pain threshold. We’re big believers in doing things right and to achieve great results, takes great products. We use only the very best industry leading Perron Rigot waxing products, designed to grip the hair, not the skin.

We work hard to ensure all our salon professionals are highly trained and have perfected the correct intimate waxing technique, making sure you’re intimate wax is a pain-free and professional experience. All intimate waxing is carried out using Perron Rigot hot wax.


What’s The Difference between a Warm Wax and Hot Intimate Wax?

We use both types of wax, each type is designed for specific areas and hair types. The main difference between warm and hot wax is the method of which it’s applied and removed.

For intimate waxing treatments we Perron Rigot hot wax. The reason we use hot wax for all intimate waxing is by nature, hot wax is designed with a much thicker consistency. Hot wax is applied in a circular motion, directly onto the skin, fully covering all hairs, allowed to dry and then removed without the use of waxing strips. Hot wax is far better for those delicate, intimate and sensitive areas, providing a more comfortable waxing experience.

Warm wax is generally used on areas of the body such as legs, arms and backs. Some facial areas can also be treated with warm wax depending on the hair type and area being treated. We use Perron Rigiot warm wax, which is applied to the skin using a spatula followed by a waxing strip before being quickly and efficiently removed in one quick action, removing the hair from the area treated.

What is a Brazilian, Hollywood and Extended Bikini Wax…?

When it comes to intimate waxing there’s no doubt the choice and styles of waxing can be a little confusing! Some salon’s differ from others in terms of the style and whats included in a certain style of intimate waxing treatment.

Let us clarify exactly what each style of waxing is, how it’s conducted and the results you can expect.

Brazilian Wax

Our very popular Brazilian wax treatment removes all hair from the bikini line area, leaving a small vertical strip of hair on the front, the area round to the bottom area is also waxed.

Brazilian Wax

Hollywood Wax

Our Hollywood wax treatment is another popular choice, completely removing all hair from the front round to the bottom area, completely removing all hair from the female region.

Hollywood Wax - West End Wax

Bikini Wax

The bikini wax is a traditional intimate waxing treatment removing hair from outside the bikini line, leaving hair on the front. The best way to describe it is the area left with hair is in the shape of an upside down triangle. The area round to the bottom is not waxed.

Bikini Wax

Extended Bikini Wax

An extended bikini wax removes the hair similar to the regular bikini wax, with the difference of taking the hair line in slightly deeper, leaving a far narrower upside down triangle shape but not removing hair from the labia or anus, ideal for those more revealing holiday outfits!

Extended Bikini Wax


What to Expect with Your First Intimate Waxing Treatment

We know how daunting any waxing treatment can be that’s especially the case when it comes to intimate waxing! Don’t worry, our very friendly salon professionals will make sure you know exactly what to expect.

Once in the treatment room you’ll only need to expose the area being waxed, with intimate waxing treatments you’ll be given a pair of paper pants to wear during the treatment before the area’s being waxed are discussed and your treatment begins. Typically, intimate waxing treatments can take anywhere from 15mins to 60mins, depending on the type and style of intimate wax you choose.

We also provide a FREE extraction service with all intimate waxes (removal of ingrown hairs). We’re leaders in our industry for this service alongside specialised after care advice, suited to each individual client.The West End Wax - Intimate Wax Award! The West End Wax - Intimate Wax Award!

After your treatment, your salon professional will advise on aftercare and also provide you with an informative aftercare card, detailing what you should and shouldn’t do within the first 48hrs after your treatment.

If this is your first intimate waxing treatment, you’ll also be awarded with the very prestigious West End Wax Award!

If you’d like to book you’re next appointment this can also be done before leaving the salon or bookings can be made online. If you have any concerns or questions prior to or following your intimate waxing treatment you can contact us on – 0141 237 1778 or email us at – INFO@WESTENDWAXANDBEAUTY.CO.UK

Timing between Intimate Waxing Treatments

Everyone is different as are their hair growth patterns, generally is best to time your waxing treatments every 4-6 weeks. This promotes healthy hair growth that enables the hair to grow back finer and thinner as the hair follicle has far less grip on the hair.

It’s not recommended to have waxing treatments sooner than this timeline as the results will be not be as successful due to the hair being too short to grip and provide professional results.

Intimate Waxing During Your Cycle…?

There’s times when timing can be in vain! If you have an intimate waxing appointment and have your menstrual cycle, don’t worry we can still carry out your treatment as long as you’re wearing a tampon.

For best results we recommend all clients follow some basic tips and advice prior and following all wax treatments. More details can be found here – Waxing Before & After Advice


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