Male Waxing

We’re master’s in manscaping and all that’s male waxing! From head to toe and everything in between, our salon professionals specialise in every aspect of male grooming.

Using only the industries leading wax, Perron Rigot. Specially designed and formulated to grip the hair not the skin. All waxing is inclusive of Pre and Post waxing treatment’s and advice.

For best results we recommend all clients follow some basic tips and advice prior and following all wax treatments. More details can be found here – Waxing Before & After Advice

EAR WAXEar Waxing - Complete removal of all unwanted and protruding hairs slightly in and around the male ear area.£8.50
NOSTRIL WAXRemoving all straggling hairs from lower nostril area.£8.50
EYEBROW WAXEyebrow wax includes shaping of brow and removing any excess hairs including mono brow area.£10.00
MONO BROW WAXRemoving hair from the mono brow area only.£5.00
UNDERARM WAXRemoving all hairs from Underarm.£10.00
UPPER BACK & SHOULDER WAXRemoving all hairs from the Upper Back and Shoulder area.£25.00
FULL BACK & SHOULDER WAXRemoving all hairs from Full Back and Shoulders£30.00
CHEST & ABDOMENRemoving hairs from full Chest and Stomach.£30.00
FULL CHEST & BACK WAXRemoving hairs from Upper Body - Chest, Stomach, Back and Shoulders£55.00
HALF ARM WAXRemoving Hairs from upper or lower Arm (clients choice).£18.00
FULL ARM WAXRemoving Hairs from Full Arm Area and Shoulders.£22.00
HALF LEG WAXRemoving Hairs from Upper or Lower Leg (clients choice).£25.00
FULL LEG WAXRemoving hairs from upper and lower Leg including feet and toes.£32.00