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  • West End Wax advises both our female and male waxing clients to follow a few basic steps prior to receiving waxing treatments. Full details can be found within our Waxing Before and Aftercare Advice. Before your waxing treatment, we advise;

    • If you are taking an type of medication, you may have to wait until the medication has left your system before having any waxing treatments. Please see the Before and Aftercare Advice for full details.
    • Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Yep, a golden oldie that makes a world of difference to those stubborn ingrown hairs. Exfoliate approx 8hrs prior to your waxing treatment to help loosen any ingrown hairs ready for waxing.
    • Avoid spray tans – prior to waxing, waxing after a spray tan will literally remove your unwanted body hair and your spray tan!
  • Following your waxing treatment, to ensure the best possible results we advise male and female clients to follow the below advice, after any waxing treatment;

    • Avoid scratching or touching the waxed area with unwashed hands for, please see the Before and Aftercare Advice for full details.
  • We advise waxing to be done every 4-6 weeks, this allows your hair growth to be most suitable for waxing and ensures the best results.

    Regular waxing every 4-6 weeks is known to reduce sensitivity on the skin as the hair follicle has less grip of the hair, resulting in the more you wax within the recommended time-frame, the less sensitive it becomes.

    Waxing within a 4-6 week time-frame is applies to female facial waxing, female body waxing, female intimate waxing as well as, male facial waxing, male body waxing and male intimate waxing.

  • The length of time your waxing treatment takes depends on the area of the body being waxed alongside the density of the hair growth to be removed.

    Waxing treatments available at Glasgow’s Award-Winning West End Wax can range from 15mins up to an hour and half. Longer waxing appointments above an hour generally accommodate waxing packages and multiple areas of the body being waxed.

  • Depending on where your waxing is done, who does your waxing and what waxing products are used, will depend greatly on how painful or not, the treatment has been.

    Waxing can be pain-free, West End Wax always aim for an “ahh” rather than an “aggrhh!” with all our waxing treatments. Being renowned as Glasgow’s pain-free waxing professionals, we’ve mastered the right techniques. Using only premium waxing products – waxing is far more comfortable and a hell of lot less painful, than some clients have experienced in other salons.

    The colour of a person’s hair can also be a factor in waxing being more or less painful for one person than it is for another. Those with dark hair, have a larger hair follicle, when waxed, threaded or plucked some clients feel it more than clients that don’t have dark hair.

    Remember: regular waxing every 4-6 weeks does make the skin less sensitive.

  • When it comes to facial hair removal male or female, results have to be precise and to the clients liking – agreed before the treatment begins.

    Why does West End Wax not provide threading?

    Well, we’re waxers and the best there is in Glasgow! Threading does provide precise results, main positive being hairs can be threaded out earlier than they can be waxed.

    One of the main factors we don’t provide threading is threading can be painful, there’s nothing we can invest in or do to change that. Waxing, well – that we’ve mastered on an multi-award winning scale!

  • Whether waxing can be done during a client’s period, is probably one of our most asked questions, for clients who’ve never had a waxing treatment before.

    Waxing can be done when a client has their period, as long as you’re wearing a tampon there is no reason you can’t have an intimate wax.

    We’re very discrete and have three treatment rooms providing complete privacy, all waxing treatments are conducted by highly qualified salon professionals that’ll make you feel at ease.

  • Waxing can only be conducted AFTER THE FIRST TRIMESTER = 12 weeks of pregnancy.

    West End Wax are unable to wax customers during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy however, waxing can be conducted after the first 12 weeks.



West End Beauty & Wax Specialists

  • HD Brows stands for – High Definition Brows, a celebrity styled seven-step process that shapes, defines and designs a person’s brows.

    Various processes are conducted including; waxing, threading, tweezing, tinting and shaping, using specific HD Brow products. Salons providing HD Brows must be fully trained and qualified in the HD Brows process – using only HD Brows products.

    West End Wax was one of Glasgow’s first fully trained, qualified and accredited HD Brows salons, HD Brows still continue to be one of our most popular treatments.

  • The difference between HD Brows and a regular eye brow wax and tint, is HD Brows involves more steps and the results are more defined, HD Brows have a very specific angular shape.

    Normally with brows, we work with what we have, as would be the case with a regular tint and tidy, maybe pencil in a little – but that’s about it.

    With HD Brows, you create the desired HD Brow shape – whether it’s there or not, with the aim of the hairs growing into that shape. It will take a few visits for the clients brows to naturally grow as designed.

    Initially, the client will have to pencil in their brows in between visits to maintain the look, brows will eventually grow naturally in the HD shape designed.

    Yes, tint and tidy would do the same thing, eventually. HD Brows is a brand and that is what you’re buying.

  • HD Brows involves a tinting process, clients that have never had HD Brows before would have to have a patch test 24hrs prior to their appointment.

    We have to make sure you get the treatment you intended to come for and don’t end up taking an allergic reaction to the tint.

    We can only use HD Brows specific tints. If you’ve had a tint and tidy with us before, you’ll still need to have a HD Brows patch test – due to the tints being different.

  • HD Brows generally last for 4-6 weeks, much like any other facial or brow waxing treatment.

    For new clients, who’ve never had HD Brows or are new to HD Brows we advise every 4 weeks. Reason being, it will take a few visits to train the brows to naturally grow in the HD Brows style.

  • West End Wax will soon be supplying HD Brows products – available within our online shop, our salon will also have a few of the most popular products.

    Keep an eye on our online shop, facebook and twitter!



West End Beauty & Wax Specialists

  • LVL Lashes stands for – Lash, Volume and Length.

    LVL Lashes remains the one and only non-waxing treatment provided at West End Wax, still one of our most popular treatments! The LVL process involves applying a lash setting serum that straightens your lashes from the root giving a more defined, curled up and longer look.

    Lashes are then tinted, creating the appearance of mascara.

  • LVL Lashes is an ideal treatment for those that also want lash extensions and perhaps have downward pointing lashes. The LVL treatment provides the lash lift needed, before the lash extensions are applied.

    Remember: LVL Lashes would have to be conducted 48hrs prior to having lash extensions applied.

  • LVL Lashes take approximately 40mins to conduct the full treatment, straighten the lashes and tint.

    For those that have never had LVL Lashes, a patch test would be required due to the use of eyelash tints – 24hrs prior to your appointment.

  • LVL Lashes is a popular treatment for those that cannot wear mascara, yet want a more definite, longer and more volumized look for their lashes.

    Yes, clients who have had LVL Lashes and wish to wear mascara, can still do so – providing you wait at least 24hrs after your LVL Lashes treatment.

  • LVL Lashes do not damage your natural eyelashes, providing the treatment has been conducted by an LVL Lashes qualified and approved salon professional. Following your treatment we provide LVL Lashes aftercare advice, also found on the LVL Lashes website.

    Your LVL lashes treatment is designed to enhance your natural lashes and eliminate the need to wear mascara.

    Some clients do experience lashes falling out, if this happens don’t panic! Eyelashes only have a 90 day life cycle, if your lash has fallen out, it’s not because of the treatment – your eyelash has just reached the end of its life cycle and will naturally grow back.

  • LVL Lashes last approximately 6-8 weeks.



West End Beauty & Wax Specialists

  • Just as with self-tanners preparation and maintenance is key to getting a great result from a Spray Tan.

    We advise our Skinny Tan therapists to talk clients through the important do’s and don’ts before they arrive for their appointment.

    Here are our pointers!

    Before arriving for a Spray tan:

    • Do ensure if you intend to shave, make sure this has happened a few hours before the spray or before the application of the tanning cream.
    • Do not shower just before a spray tan or before applying cream tans. This may mean your pores are open and the tanners clog them. Ideally leave a few hours between showering and tanning.
    • Do use an exfoliating scrub or loofa your skin a few hours prior to tanning. Pay particular attention to dry areas such as elbows, knees and backs of heels.
    • Do not use oil based moisturisers on the day you intend to get tanned. The residue can make it difficult for the spray or cream to absorb into the body.
    • Wear loose fitting clothes to attend the tanning salon or whilst you are waiting for cream based tans to develop. You do not want to rub the solution off before it has had the chance to develop.
    • Allow as long as possible for the tan to develop before showering off the guide colour. Skinny Tan products cannot over develop so ideally leave them on over-night. If any guide colour comes off on your bedding, this is just make up and will come out in the washing machine.
    • Have a light shower the following day and admire your natural tan. It is really important to keep the skin hydrated so drink lots of water and use lots of moisturiser to prolong your tan.


  • Your tan should fades with your natural skin cell turnover.  Chlorine and salt water can speed up this process but your tan will not simply wash off in a pool. although the more you shower the quicker the tan is likely to fade. You can always apply it again to keep the tan topped up.

  • Yes, Skinny Tan will not provide protection from the sun. You are able to use sun tan protection with the tanner, although do not apply immediately before or after you have applied the tanner. Ideally apply tanner the evening before and allow tan to develop before going out in the sun with your sun protection on as normal.

  • Our tanner does not contain any animal products and it has not been tested on animals.  It is even suitable for vegans

  • Whatever the weather having a Tan may help some of us feel more confident. We have done everything we can to bring you a natural-looking tan without the sun. The rest is up to you. Here are some extra tips to ensure you get the best experience with Skinny Tan.


    Just like with exfoliating with any type of hair removal do it before you tan and wait 24 hours to ensure the skin has had a chance to calm. If you wax make sure you do this before you tan or the waxing will take tan off with it

    Tip no 2 – EXFOLIATE

    The better your canvas is to start with – the better your tan will be! That’s why our number one tip is to prep your skin properly first. At Skinny Tan we have a crushed walnut primer with a delicious coconut scent that works well with our tanners. If you don’t have the Skinny Tan Primer don’t worry any body scrub or loofah will do. Scrubs or primers will help remove dull, dead and older skin cells. This creates a smoother surface to apply tanner to and, because the new cells won’t shed so fast, your tan will last longer.


    On the day of your tan application don’t moisturise or wear deodorant or perfume. These products can block the skinny tan from touching the skin evenly and will be the only reason anyone would get a streaky or uneven result. Tan application must be applied to completely clean dry skin. Once your full Skinny Tan has developed then its great to moisturise all the time it can even help the tan last longer.

    Tip no 4 – KNEES AND ELBOWS

    Just as moisturising your whole body can block an even result so too can moisturiser be used to help prevent dry areas like elbows, knees and ankles from absorbing too much tan. Lightly brush moisturiser or Skinny Tan After Glow Gloss over these areas before tanning.

    Tip no 5 – TOOLS OF THE TRADE

    Always apply using an applicator mitt or a roller: pump your product onto your skin. If using a mitt apply in sweeping motions. Start at the ankles and work your way up. Leave knees and elbows until the end simply using the excess tan on the mitt on these drier areas rather than putting fresh tan on the skin.

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