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West End Beauty have been providing HD Brows since 2014, being one of Glasgow’s first fully trained, qualified and accredited HD Brows salons. Our salon is soon to stock and supply the HD Brows product range, keep an eye on our online shop too!

HD brows, branded as the must-have celebrity eyebrow treatment suitable for anybody, is certainly one of our most booked treatments. HD Brows involve a high precision process that consists of seven steps, designed to produce perfectly shaped brows, with high definition, enhancing your facial features. HD Brows is not just a treatment for women, men have also became fans of opting for HD Brows to gain a more polished and professional look.

Seven Steps to HD Brows Definition

Beautify Your Brows To High Definition Perfection!

The HD Brows process consists of seven steps that involve, waxing, tweezing, threading, trimming, tinting and shaping. The HD Brow shape is quite the trademark, angular and very defined. The beauty of HD Brows is despite the fact your brows may be over-plucked, over-waxed, under-waxed – whatever state they are in – HD Brows provides the solution for perfect brows.

For clients that have never had HD Brows before, be patient and keep at it and your brows will eventually be trained to grow in the HD Brow shape. In between visits those new to HD Brows may find they have to pencil in the shape a little, don’t worry as your brows will train and eventually grow into the shape designed.

The HD Brow process takes approximately 30-40mins, lasting roughly 4 weeks. Clients that have not had HD Brows before, do require a patch test 48hrs before the treatment, due to the use of tints.


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